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If you’re a property owner looking to build new construction or add to your existing building, you’ll need talented, experienced framing contractors. Find the framing services you need by hiring Anderson Construction Services, Inc. for your construction project. We specialize in framing for both the commercial and residential sectors.

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Skilled Framing Contractors

New construction and additions to existing homes and buildings rely on sturdy, professionally built frames for their structural integrity and longevity. Through years of training, practice, and consistent involvement in industry developments, Anderson Construction Services, Inc. has mastered the framing trade. We’re a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable framing builders who can be relied upon to ensure the safety and strength of your structure.

Knowledgeable Commercial and Residential Framing Contractors

With our depth of industry knowledge, we’ve completed standout projects in the residential and commercial building sectors. We operate organized, productive worksites, with our project manager ensuring all codes and safety regulations are adhered to at every turn. We’re licensed, certified, and insured residential and commercial framing contractors who consistently produce the highest-quality professional-grade framing.

Perfectly Constructed Residential and Commercial Framing

Exact measurements and precise calculations are the only way to build strong bones for your building. Without proper framing, everything that’s built on top will be of subpar quality. Our builds are always straight, level, and perfectly square. To ensure a building’s skeleton is perfect, we use top-grade materials, including:

  • Structural insulated panels
  • Insulated concrete forms
  • Soft woods like pine, spruce, and fir
  • Cement and stone blocks
  • Galvanized steel studs
  • …and more

Commercial Metal Framing Contractors

Commercial buildings require more robust framing materials than homes because of their height and size. Steel frames are wind resistant and never rot or warp from water. Anderson Construction Services, Inc.’s metal framing contractors’ expertise with steel guarantees that the first phase of a building’s construction results in a solid backbone that subsequent contractors and tradespeople can build off.

Commercial Wood Framing Contractors

Not all commercial buildings are skyscrapers, which is why we’ve mastered the art of commercial wood framing. Contractors from Anderson Construction Services, Inc. are light wood framing experts whose technical skill and deep knowledge of framing techniques can allow for more creative blueprints and innovative designs.

Business and Home Framing Contractors Process

Once we’re on board a project, we begin with a survey of the proposed site and project. After an initial assessment where we determine the project requirements regarding workforce and materials, and our bid is accepted, we conduct a careful blueprint inspection to verify structural soundness. As project managers, we take care of everything, including worker scheduling and material deliveries. With us on the job, you never have to worry about a project aspect falling through the cracks. We’re here to ensure that the process is as sound as the final structure.

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