Electrical Services in Huntington Beach

Anderson Construction Services, Inc. prides itself on its incredibly talented team of electrical professionals. We are excited to offer some of the most reliable electrical services available in the area, all at a great price.

Determined to leave every property running more efficiently and safely than it was previously, our commitment to our clients is at the core of our business. Call us now for reliable electrical services at (951) 850-1396.

Safe Electrical Wiring with Anderson Construction Services, Inc.

Although our team loves upgrading wiring and installing innovative home technology, we love protecting our clients from faulty connections and dangerous electrical problems even more. Our mission is to provide home and business owners with high-quality professional services in Huntington Beach with integrity – never taking a chance, guessing, or cutting corners.

We tell our clients like it is because safety always comes first. Call for the most caring electrical contractors in town.

Speedy Electrical Repairs

The sooner you call after noticing an electrical problem, the better. Electrical repairs are not the kind of things people should let fester, there is too much inherent danger. That’s why, as much as possible, we try to provide same-day service for all our customers. If there’s smoke, a burning smell, sparks, or a socket that shocks you, we consider that an emergency, and we can have one of our talented problem-solving electrical contractors arrive as quickly as possible. 

Careful Electrical Installation

Anderson Construction Services, Inc. offers electrical installation for replacement appliances, light fixtures, equipment, and so much more. We also provide services for new construction, including full wiring before walls go up. Original installations we’ve done include:

  • Whole house wiring
  • Wiring for offices
  • Data cabling
  • Heated floors
  • Exterior lighting
  • Air cooling units
  • Central air and vacuum
  • Recessed lighting
  • Smart technology
  • Entertainment systems

Full-Service Electrical Companies

Offering a full menu of electrical services is our way of inviting you to call us for any electrical situation you need assistance with. Call to consult about electrical layouts, repairs, installations, maintenance, inspections, adopting more energy-efficient equipment, and even light bulb differences. We are happy to be of service and share our expertise and industry knowledge with Huntington Beach residents and the business sector. 

Anderson Construction Services, Inc. Electrical Contractors to the Rescue

Our inspection service is one every property owner should consider selecting at least once a year. A maintenance check on an entire electrical system might reveal surprising results owners will be happy to have taken care of. It’s difficult to tell what’s happening behind the walls and underground as time, aging wires and imperfections worsen. Our contractors take an in-depth look at:

  • Status of the electrical panel
  • Status of the fuse box
  • Status of connections, outlets, switches
  • Exposed live wires
  • ‘Wet’ appliances that require grounding
  • Why an electrical bill might be higher than it needs to be
  • Ground fault protection
  • Cords and cables to ensure proper usage
  • Electrical equipment to ensure proper usage
  • Reverse polarity

Contact Us Now for all Electrical Services in Huntington Beach

Make your property electrically sound with a visit from our reliable, trustworthy, skilled electrical contractors. Reach us at (951) 850-1396. Call now!